About Us

TECHNOMASHSTROY LLC was founded in 2011. In 2018, the trademark of the same name was registered. The first products of our company were household pelletizers of the GKM series, namely, GKM-100, GKM-150, as well as nut crackers of the GRK series. A little later, we added to our model range other household pelletizers of the OGP, MGK, ROTEX, FAVORIT series and industrial pelletizers of the GRAND series that are designed to granulate not only compound feed, but also sawdust. As a result, over several years of work, we were able to significantly develop and improve pelletizing machines that allow us to produce granular compound feed and pellets for both personal use and commercial purposes. Subsequently, on the basis of GRAND series pelletizers, we launched the production of pelletizing lines for compound feed and fuel pellets of the MLG series, namely MLG-500/1000/1500 in several versions. It is also worth noting that all of our granulators and granulation lines are not only carefully checked by our QCD for compliance with all TU standards, but also have a number of certificates of conformity of Ukraine, the European Union and the EAEU Customs Union, which makes our company’s products one of the most competitive and demanded in the market of Ukraine, of near and far abroad.

Of course, in our development, we have never been limited solely to pelletizing machines, and over the years of our existence, we were able to develop and launch the following positions on the basis of our own design and production capacities:

  • Extruders of the "EGK" and "EShK" series;
  • Cubers of "ECOPRESS" and "BIOMASS" series;
  • Wood shredders (branch cutters, branch chippers) of the "VTR" series;
  • Flackers of the "CRUSHER" and "ZUBR" series;
  • Wood splitters (splitters for firewood) of the "DK" series;
  • Hammer crushers of the "CHOPPER" and "KRAFT" series;
  • Worm conveyors of the "ShTZ" and "KSSh" series;
  • Pellet filling and packaging line;
  • Shredders of hay/straw/grain of "SNR", "DR" and "TOKMAK" series;
  • Aerodynamic drying facilities of the "SA" series;
  • Belt conveyors of "TL" and "TLK" series;
  • Drum calibratorscoolers of "BKO" series;
  • Pneumatic bulk conveyors of "PT" series;
  • Dust hoods of "VP" series;
  • Feed mixers of the "KS" series;
  • Componentsspare parts for pelletizers, extruders, shredders;

Our operating principles will never allow us to stop improving our equipment and conquering new markets in which our company can be represented. Today we have a number of partners in several countries of the world, namely Poland, Romania, Latvia, Germany, Georgia, where our equipment has long been known and is in demand among local companies and households. Soon we plan to expand our presence to new continents - Africa and South America. We are confident that buyers from around the world will appreciate the quality, usability and accessibility of our equipment, as well as our customer support, warranty and post-warranty service.

We are always happy to have new partners, so if you have an interest in selling our products in your market, we are always ready to make friends and develop a joint business. Plenty more where that came from!