The company "TechnoMashStroy", a well-known manufacturer of high-quality equipment for agriculture in Ukraine, is looking to cooperate with the entrepreneurs from all over the world. We are looking forward to the partnership with you on mutually beneficial terms. Our company is ready to provide not only a quality product, but also share our experience in the manufacturing of granular and extruded concentrate feed for livestock, pet food, grinding and further granulation of various kinds of raw materials, manufacturing of wood fuel pellets, etc.

Our product range increases every year. From year to year, we polish up the manufacturing skills, upgrade our equipment and increase the manufacturing capacity. We have a great experience in trading with European countries (Poland, Romania, Portugal, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria, Germany etc.), EEU countries (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan etc.), as well as other countries near and far abroad (Georgia, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, etc.).

For the export of equipment, we have all the necessary certificates and declarations of conformity  with the norms and standards of different countries. If necessary, we can provide certificates of goods origin of the form  EUR.1 and CT-1. Our experts will arrange the goods export as quickly and high-quality as possible, as well as provide all the documents for customs clearance of goods in your country. In each country, we form a system of dealership center for repair and warranty maintenance of equipment.

If you have a desire to represent our products in your area, send an e-mail with a request for our dealer prices and conditions:  or contact the head of the sales department in any messenger convenient to you by numbers: +38(063)618-29-50.