Our production
The GKM series consists of pelletizers of 7 models, each of which has a number of its positive qualities and design differences. It is also worth noting that the GKM-100+ model is a multitasking equipment and, in addition to pelletizing, make it ...

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Extruders manufactured by TECHNOMASHSTROY are represented by two series - EGK and EShK. Despite the similarity of names, these extruders are designed for different areas of use. The extruders of the EGK series are primarily intended for processing ...

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Granulation lines
The pelletizing lines of the MLG series are divided into several models, depending on the configuration and power of the pelletizer The MLG-500 line for pelletizing feed and fuel pellets can be presented in two versions MLG-500 COMBI and MLG-500 ...

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The widest product group of our company is, without a doubt, shredders. On our website you can find two series of straw/hay shredders (DR and CHP), as well as four series of wood shredders. So, branch grinders (branch chippers / branch cutters) of ...

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Our principles
Customer always comes first

We always treat our customers with respect and gratitude for the fact that they have chosen us in search of high-quality equipment.

Professionalism in everything

Our team is professionals. Having many years of experience, we do not rest on our laurels, but always strive to develop and improve our equipment and service.

Quality control

Quality components - quality equipment. That is why our OTK department always carefully controls the quality of all components and the equipment assembly process.

Good ideas - competent implementation

Keeping in touch with our customers, we are always interested in their opinion on the possibility of upgrading our equipment. Therefore, today our equipment is not only reliable, but also practical. We are always open to new ideas.

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