Wood splitters and nutcrackers

GRP series nut cracker, photo

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GRP series nut cracker

  • Performance: 50 - 200 kg/hour
  • Power: 0,75 kW
  • Electricity grid: 220V/380V
  • Raw materials: walnut, hazelnut
DK series wood splitter, photo

Want to know more? 0800-330-235 tms-ukraine@ukr.net

DK series wood splitter

  • Power: 2,2 kW
  • Electricity grid: 220V
  • Raw materials: wood pads (up to 50 cm in diameter)

The GRK series nut crackers are one of the first lines of home business equipment that our company began to produce. The rather simple, but extremely convenient and practical design of the GRK-50 nut crackers made them one of the most popular nut choppers in Ukraine. Compact, inexpensive and easy to use, these little machines won the love of our customers one by one. A more productive model of the GRK-200 nut cracker is equipped with an electric motor, which allows you to process a larger amount of walnut per unit of time by gently and gently pressing the nut against the shaft on the inner wall of the walnut cracker body. This simple but effective technology of chopping nuts allows you to significantly increase the speed of peeling of nuts from the husk with the release of the "butterfly" up to 60%.

The DK series screw electric cleaver (wood splitter) makes it possible to chop logs of large diameters easily and safely using electric motor power and rotational inertial force of a flywheel pulley. At the output you will receive firewood of a standard size for their further use in solid fuel boilers, stoves, potbelly stoves, etc.

Both wood splitters and nut crackers are suitable both for personal use in households and for conducting commercial activities for the sale of firewood or chopped nuts.

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