Universal grits mills

EXTRA series grinders

  • Power: 7 kW/13 kW
  • Electricity grid: 380V
  • Performance: up to 500 kg/hour depending on raw material
  • Raw materials: wheat, barley, pea and maize grain

We are pleased to present the latest developments in the field of grain processing - EXTRA series groats mills. These devices are designed for efficient processing of wheat, barley, corn and peas, ensuring high quality of the finished cereal without the need for preliminary grain processing. The principle of operation of the products is based on grinding the grain to the required size and parallel selection of light fractions (flour and seed hulls). The resulting cereal is divided into three size fractions on moving sieves. The flour component and husks are separately sifted out. As standard, the products are equipped with meshes with 3 and 5 mm holes for working with different types of grain.  EXTRA groats mills are reliable and efficient equipment for processing grain into groats with minimal costs and maximum product quality. We are confident that our devices will become indispensable assistants in your production, ensuring consistent quality and high productivity.

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Frequently asked Questions
What are the production series in this product category?
Our company has such production series in the category "Universal grits mills":
  • EXTRA series grinders
Does our product have quality certificates?
We have a fully certified line of equipment for both the domestic and foreign markets. For the export of equipment, we have all the necessary certificates and declarations of compliance with the norms and standards of different countries. You can view the certificates in the section Quality certificates
How are our products delivered?
Delivery in Ukraine is carried out by any carrier that is convenient for you: Novaya Poshta, Delivery, Intime, Night Express, Gunsel, Autolux, etc. For international shipment, products can be shipped by road carriers, as well as by air, rail and sea. You can find out more about delivery in the section Warranty & Delivery
Where can I see and buy our products?
You can visit our office-warehouse in Cherkasy, see and purchase our equipment, as well as get advice from leading specialists of the company. We have several official online stores for remote purchase of our products. See the list of our stores and show rooms in the section Where can I buy