Feed mixers

KS Series

  • Capacity: from 300 up to 4000 kg
  • Power: 2,2/3/5,5/7,5 kW
  • Raw materials: bulk components

Vortex Series

  • Capacity: to 2000 kg
  • Power: 2,2/7,5 kW
  • Raw materials: wet bulk components

KC and Vortex series feed mixers are designed for mixing and feeding dry or moistened raw materials directly into a pelletizer, feed auger or other storage tank. Lines have a number of basic differences, thanks to which we can meet the needs of the customer. 

Series KS are vertical mixers, designed for mixing loose raw materials with the possibility of slight moistening. They found wide application in the manufacture of compound feeds, as an integral part of feed mills of various modifications. Hoppers have a well thought-out design that allows you to work safely and comfortably with this equipment. Excellent mixing of raw materials occurs thanks to the vertical screw, which creates a continuous movement of raw materials in a closed cycle from bottom to top. In the mixing hoppers produced by our company you have the opportunity to feed the components of feed right during the mixing process, which saves valuable time and increases the overall performance of the entire production line of mixed fodder. Also, charging hopper on our mixers is at a convenient height, which makes the work with the feed mixer more convenient. What's more, you can use special windows to take samples of the already mixed feed, and the finished product is extracted through a conveniently positioned unloading spigot. Most importantly: the feed mixer can also be combined with a KRAFT chopper. You can also outfit the feed mixer with scales, for easier control of the filling.

The Vortex series are versatile, highly efficient mixers for ultra-fast mixing of all kinds of bulk mixtures, even those with excessive moisture content. The feed mixer is equipped with an electric drive, a reliable planetary reduction gear with a large safety margin, a thick-walled central shaft made of high quality carbon steel. The operating principle of the device is based on forced displacement of large quantities of raw materials by the screw blades, which results in continuous mixing of raw materials parts with each other. Loading of raw material is done manually through the top cover of the hopper or pneumatically. When loading manually, simply open the top lid, while pneumatic loading requires a cyclone to be installed on the special seats of the mixer for deposition of raw materials and bleeding air. Discharge of the finished mixture is made by opening the slide gate (the method is implemented in a complete set with enlarged legs), or by means of auger conveyor, the walls of which are made of a solid pipe and the movement of which is provided by a reliable V-belt transmission. The mixer can be equipped not only with one or two augers, which, if connected with frequency converters, allows dosing the feed to 2 pelletizers or extruders at once. The presence of a special slide gate at the output of the material to the screw allows the operating speed range of the precision feed screw to be optimized. The design of the mixer's support elements makes it possible to install scales.

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Frequently asked Questions
What are the production series in this product category?
Our company has such production series in the category "Feed mixers":
  • KS Series
  • Vortex Series
Does our product have quality certificates?
We have a fully certified line of equipment for both the domestic and foreign markets. For the export of equipment, we have all the necessary certificates and declarations of compliance with the norms and standards of different countries. You can view the certificates in the section Quality certificates
How are our products delivered?
Delivery in Ukraine is carried out by any carrier that is convenient for you: Novaya Poshta, Delivery, Intime, Night Express, Gunsel, Autolux, etc. For international shipment, products can be shipped by road carriers, as well as by air, rail and sea. You can find out more about delivery in the section Warranty & Delivery
Where can I see and buy our products?
You can visit our office-warehouse in Cherkasy, see and purchase our equipment, as well as get advice from leading specialists of the company. We have several official online stores for remote purchase of our products. See the list of our stores and show rooms in the section Where can I buy