Oil presses

Oil presses MP series

  • Performance: up to 150 kg/hour
  • Power: 1,5/7,5 kW
  • Raw materials: flax seeds, sesame seeds, black cumin seeds, sunflower seeds, soybean seeds and other oilseeds
  • Electricity grid: 220/380V

Oil presses are screw machines used to mechanically squeeze vegetable oil from oil-bearing crops. It is a non-chemical technology that produces perfect ingredients, such as oil and cake, for use in the feed industry. We produce two types of presses, namely domestic model MP-50 Maslyatko and industrial model MP-150 Garmet. The initial raw material can serve: linseeds, sesame seeds, black cumin seeds, sunflower seeds, soy seeds and many other oilseeds. The principle of operation of the equipment is very simple and does not require any special skills from the operator.

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Frequently asked Questions
What are the production series in this product category?
Our company has such production series in the category "Oil presses":
  • Oil presses MP series
Does our product have quality certificates?
We have a fully certified line of equipment for both the domestic and foreign markets. For the export of equipment, we have all the necessary certificates and declarations of compliance with the norms and standards of different countries. You can view the certificates in the section Quality certificates
How are our products delivered?
Delivery in Ukraine is carried out by any carrier that is convenient for you: Novaya Poshta, Delivery, Intime, Night Express, Gunsel, Autolux, etc. For international shipment, products can be shipped by road carriers, as well as by air, rail and sea. You can find out more about delivery in the section Warranty & Delivery
Where can I see and buy our products?
You can visit our office-warehouse in Cherkasy, see and purchase our equipment, as well as get advice from leading specialists of the company. We have several official online stores for remote purchase of our products. See the list of our stores and show rooms in the section Where can I buy